The Plum Flower Series

The series is ideal for anyone wanting to 'get in touch' with nature. As  Erika explains: 'these pieces take inspiration from the outdoors - from the peace and indeed that nature evokes. The Plum Flower (also known in Japanese as the 'Japanese Apricot) is Erika's favorite as it is the first tree to bloom resplendently in springtime in the aftermath of an unforgiving winter. Moreover, the Plum Flower carries symbolic significance insofar as it suggests the demonstration of great resilience in the face of personal adversity, and therefore connotes a sense of hope what lies ahead. Such symbolism resonates with Erika personally, as these are the qualities that she too hopes to show as she negotiates the tribulations of everyday life.

A note from Erika: I wish that happiness is bestowed upon anyone who wears my jewellery!

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