It's Only series   

You can display anything you want in this design …  but we found this locket is very popular with musicians.

The Plectrum Locket 

This creation, taken from the It's Only series and inspired by the iconic shape of the plectrum; is unsurprisingly a popular purchase amongst musicians, as designer Erika pays homage to the signature sounds of British 'n' Roll - the pick will of course be forever synonymous with the pioneering riffs and rhythms of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

Erika interestingly explains that her love of the British music scene plays a quite a significant part in her life and in encouraging her to pursue her dreams of jewellery design. She says: 'I love music, particularly the distinctive strums and sounds of the guitar! Furthermore, If I hadn't gotten into the British music scene, I wouldn't be living in England, and if I wasn't living in England, I wouldn't be making jewellery like this. Like music, my jewellery making allows me to continually express myself!'

If you, like Erika, have got "Rock 'n' Roll" at heart, then this cool accessory is the one for you! It looks great paired with a simple tee and skinny jeans! (You can also personalize this locket by putting something of your choice inside it!